JAGGAER משתפת פעולה עם מומחים בתעשייה בסדרת סמינרים מקוונים בנושא רכש חדש
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תאריך: 22/10/21

JAGGAER משתפת פעולהעם מומחים בתעשייה בסדרת סמינרים מקוונים בנושא רכש חדש

JAGGAER מכריזה היום על סדרת הוובינר החדשה שלה ממוקדת :ESG רכש עם מטרה: הגנה על אנשים ועל כדור הארץ. הסדרה בת ארבעת החלקים תספק לאנשי מקצוע בתחום הרכש תובנות ערכיות ומעשיות לקידום יוזמות ESG בתוך הארגונים שלהם. המשתתפים ישמעו ממומחים מובילים בתחום, ביניהם אנליסטים מ- Spend Matters וקבוצת Hackett ומובילי מחשבה מ-EcoVadis, אוניברסיטת הרווארד, riskmethods, TealBook ועוד.

JAGGAER Teams Up with Industry Experts for New Procurement with Purpose Webinar Series

Panelists from Spend Matters, The Hackett Group, EcoVadis, Harvard University and more share steps for leading environment, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives internally and making a lasting impact


JAGGAER today announces its new ESG-focused webinar series: Procurement with Purpose: Protecting People, the Planet and Profit. The four-part series will provide procurement professionals with valuable and practical insights for driving forward ESG initiatives within their organizations. Attendees will hear from top experts in the space, including analysts from Spend Matters and The Hackett Group and thought leaders from EcoVadis, Harvard University, riskmethods, TealBook and more.

"Organizations play a key role in protecting the planet and the rights of people through the way they buy and sell. Procurement is in the prime position to affect change and drive these responsible practices internally," said Jim Bureau, JAGGAER’s CEO. "This webinar series is unlike anything we’ve done before. Attendees will drive the discussions and be able to submit questions ahead of time so we’re focusing on the actionable advice that will set teams up for the most success."

Peter Smith, Managing Director of Procurement Excellence and author of the upcoming book, Procurement with Purpose, will moderate. The series will run from October 21 to December 7, 2021, and include interactive and energetic panel discussions that answer real audience questions on the following:

  • How to Manage the TripleBottom-Line (October 21): Learn why procurement withpurpose is so important from Spend Matters’ Senior Analyst BertrandMaltaverne, Harvard’s CPO Sara Malconian and JAGGAER’s EVP of ProductManagement Dawn Andre. They’ll share how to assemble the right team ofstakeholders, develop your own ESG strategy and use technology as anenabler so you can start making an impact today.
  • Talk Sustainability to Me (November9): We all want to build a more sustainable supply chain, but a lack ofgood data often gets in the way. Hear from EcoVadis’ CMO Emily Rakowski,JAGGAER’s CHRO Michele Hamill, and other special guests on commonmisconceptions of net-zero carbon and how to organize and apply data formaximum value.
  • Rethinking Supplier Diversity (November18): Supplier diversity is a hot topic, but there’s a lot more than meetsthe eye. Join JAGGAER’s VP of Corporate and Product Marketing RogerBlumberg, The Hackett Group’s Global Procurement Advisory Practice LeaderChris Sawchuck, TealBook’s Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer MattPalackdharry and others to discuss what supplier diversity really meansand how to develop a meaningful strategy.
  • ESG, Your Bottom-Line andTying It All Together (December 7): Profit comes downto protecting supply chains. JAGGAER’s VP of Product Management GeorgRoesch, riskmethods’ Senior Solutions Marketing Manager Matthew York andVisiting Lecturer at Sussex University Savita Mace will share how tomitigate risk through purposeful procurement practices.

Attendees will receive one Continuing Education Hour (CEH) for each session from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) to maintain their certifications.

"Addressing sustainability, human rights and evolving ESG regulation is now critical for procurement teams across all industries," said Thomas Derry, CEO at Institute of Supply Management. "We’re pleased to offer credits for participation in this series because these are the subjects in which procurement professionals need to dive deep to create thoughtful strategies that both drive tangible value for their organizations and create a better world."

To register or learn more about the series, please visit here.


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